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Bei VOX sehen Sie die HBO-Erfolgsserie "Big Little Lies" als deutsche Free-TV-​Premiere. · Sendungen; Big Little. Audio languages: Deutsch. Buy Episode 1. HD € Bonus: Big Little Lies Trailer. March 21, Little Fires Everywhere Staffel 1 [dt./OV]. Add to Watchlist. Die erste Staffel der US-amerikanischen Miniserie Big Little Lies basiert auf Liane Moriartys gleichnamiger Big Little Lies - S01 Trailer (Deutsch) HD. Video 1 von 3 zur Serie: Big Little Lies - S01 Trailer (Deutsch) HD jetzt anschauen! Big Little Lies jetzt legal online anschauen. Die Serie ist aktuell bei Amazon, Sky Ticket, Deutsch, Englisch. Staffelliste. Staffel 1 UT. 13 Episoden verfügbar.

big little lies trailer deutsch

Big Little Lies („Große kleine Lügen“) ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie aus dem Jahr , die ursprünglich als Miniserie angelegt war. Sie basiert auf. Video 1 von 3 zur Serie: Big Little Lies - S01 Trailer (Deutsch) HD jetzt anschauen! Audio languages: Deutsch. Buy Episode 1. HD € Bonus: Big Little Lies Trailer. March 21, Little Fires Everywhere Staffel 1 [dt./OV]. Add to Watchlist. Videos anzeigen Bilder anzeigen. Big Little Visit web page. Ihr scheinbares Bilderbuchleben sowie die Tatsache, dass Celeste read more ist als ihr Ehemann, sorgen immer wieder für Lästereien unter den Einwohnern Montereys. Bester Nebendarsteller Learn more here, Miniserie oder Fernsehfilm. Dein Kommentar. Valuable curious der 1. Sharp Objects Mini-Serie, Während die Identität von Opfer und Täter für den Zuschauer zunächst im Unklaren bleibt, konzentrieren sich die polizeilichen Ermittlungen und Zeugenaussagen der Magicians sixx the vor stargate 3 auf die befreundeten Mütter Jane Chapman, Madeline Mackenzie und Celeste Wright und die Geschehnisse in den Wochen davor:.

Based on the bestselling novel by Tom Perrotta and starring Kathryn Hahn. Stream all of HBO together with even more of your favorite blockbusters, addictive series, and new Max Originals.

Winner of 4 Golden Globes. Big Little Lies on. Check Out the Trailers. Season 1. Season 2. Select Your Season. Featured Cast. See All.

Love the Music From the Show? Take the Quiz. Put yourself in a Monterey mood with the official series playlist on Spotify.

Go To Spotify. Can't get enough? Make the music of Big Little Lies yours. Go To Apple Music. Big Little Roundtable. The six lead actors discuss themes from the second season.

Big Little Lies is a story of parents acting badly. It is also a smart and witty story about the real lives of children, teens, friends, husbands, wives, second wives, and exes.

You are teased from the beginning with something awful that happens at the annual Pirriwee Public School fund raising.

You know the what but not the who or the how. Along the way you discover some of the dangerous little lies that people tell just to be able to face the day.

View all 17 comments. You know how sometimes you get to the end of a book and you wish you could wipe it from your mind, just so you could have the pleasure of reading it for the first time again?

This is one of those books. I can't think of another author off the top of my head who does relationships so well and with such humour as Liane Moriarty.

Her characters love and laugh, rub each other up the wrong way, extend the hand of friendship, spread gossip, resolve to do better, cry and keep secrets -- just like real pe You know how sometimes you get to the end of a book and you wish you could wipe it from your mind, just so you could have the pleasure of reading it for the first time again?

Her characters love and laugh, rub each other up the wrong way, extend the hand of friendship, spread gossip, resolve to do better, cry and keep secrets -- just like real people.

Though we know someone has died from the beginning of the novel, we don't find out who it is till the end, as we go back through the histories of the participants to uncover the nagging jealousies and seething problems that led to the fatal moment.

So we spend the book in a state of breathless anticipation and worry. Who died? Was it bubbly Madeline, struggling to connect with the teenage daughter of her first marriage?

Or beautiful Celeste, whose perfect life hides an ugly secret? Or was it single mum Jane, trying to start afresh, who finds that playground bullying isn't just for the kids any more?

Moriarty will keep you up late flipping pages as you follow the story of these three and the colourful characters who surround them, desperate to find out who died -- and why.

The answer is enormously satisfying. View all 24 comments. Susan Bennett "You know how sometimes you get to the end of a book and you wish you could wipe it from your mind, just so you could have the pleasure of reading it "You know how sometimes you get to the end of a book and you wish you could wipe it from your mind, just so you could have the pleasure of reading it for the first time again?

I was so sad when I got to the end of it because I could never read it for the first time ever again. Donna Just wondering why if you liked it so much why not a fifth star?

I did love your review. I am about 37 percent through and love reading it. I have see Just wondering why if you liked it so much why not a fifth star?

I have seen the TV show too. Read for Book Riot's Read Harder reading challenge: 11 Read a book that is set more than miles from your location I was SO not expecting to love this as much as I did.

View all 16 comments. View all 3 comments. I think Stephen King summed up Big Little Lies perfectly when he said it is "a hell of a book, funny and scary.

The moms in Big Little Lies are written so well. I loved all the different stereotypes represented in each of them and how the different dynamics played out between them and their families.

I'll admit, I was a little confused early on and could have used a family tree to help me see who belonged where and that only got messier along the way , but Moriarty kept me updated in subtle ways to make sure I was tracking with her as the story unfolded.

Hang on, taking a quick coffee break. Alright, much better. There are a couple of other takeaways from the book I want to share.

First off, the whole suburban-everything-is-awesome facade in which the book is firmly nestled, and in which I find myself now. I really loved how the book started out in a fun, whimsical way by introducing me to the various characters and making me feel like everyone has everything together and life is just so swell all the time.

Then, as the book rolls along, more and more is revealed from the past, mysteries are solved, and you learn that these women's lives just aren't what you thought they were.

And, man, isn't that life? All of us walking around all carefree making sure everyone thinks we are just fine and dandy thank you very much, and maybe there aren't things as dark as some stuff in this book happening, but we are all stressed out with kids and jobs and life and whatever.

Anyway, I just liked that slow descent into the darker layers of the major characters in the story. That's all I'm saying. So no spoilers, but I thought it was important for me as someone who isn't a woman to read about how events can shape the lives and thought of someone who is a woman.

That's a lot of unnecessary words. What I'm trying to say is you never know how much your actions can impact another person. In this case, the words and actions of men had a deep emotional impact on women.

Some of it was tough to read, and to know that stuff is happening that we often don't even know about is scary. It's bad enough that so much evil and darkness exists out there, but what about all the stuff that hasn't been brought into the light yet?

Life is hard. And, last but not least, the minor characters chiming in at the end of many chapters to kick in a little foreshadowing was an excellent plot device.

That trivia night was something I was anticipating from the very beginning. The timeline worked down to that single night, and there was lots of statements from police questioning sprinkled in early so the mystery slowly rolls down to that night and a little beyond.

It made the book so easy and quick to read, but it wasn't some mindless page turner to just get through for mild enjoyment.

It was written really well, and the payoff in the end was worth it. I may have to get some more Liane Moriarty in my life.

I never thought I would say that out loud, but here we are. Looking forward to the HBO series!

View all 27 comments. Queen Meryl Streep is part of the show now! I became an avid fan after reading What Alice Forgot , which is about a woman who hits her head and forgets her identity.

I thought it was completely brilliant, and it made me think. High from that experience, I then went on to The Husband's Secret.

It was a good book and I enjoyed reading it, but it was definitely lighter. I anxiously awaited Big Little Lies.

First off, two of the main characters seemed really superficial. I asked myself, do I have to hang out with these rich, beautiful, and self-absorbed airheads who are taking this kindergarten thing way too seriously?

Plus, there was a stylistic gimmick a sort of Greek chorus that I hated because it made the book confusing.

The story is about three moms whose kids are entering the same kindergarten class. We learn right away that there has been a scandalous death.

The way we learn about the death is through gossipy conversations, like little asides, splashed throughout the story.

Each comment has a name preceding it, and there are too many names to keep track of. It drove me nuts! But wait, was I supposed to actually keep track of them, or ignore which gossiper said what and just concentrate on the gossip itself?

It was just too much work, which made it impossible to have a smooth reading experience. It should be a seamless experience. I was pissed that there were all these unknown and undeveloped characters whispering important secrets.

Maybe the author should have made some or all of the whisperers anonymous? It just drove me crazy.

As the book progressed, what I thought were shallow characters became way more complicated and interesting—and I did get invested in all of them.

And really, a lot of important issues are addressed: domestic violence, bullying, rape, and teenagers posting scary shit on the web.

The way the characters handle these issues is realistic and satisfying without being predictable, sappy, or preachy.

The ending is very satisfying, and everything is tied up nicely. One final complaint, though: the book is way too long. Final verdict: It took me a while to get into it and trust that Moriarty was once again going to spin a good yarn.

And she does. That little imitation Greek chorus thing made me knock the rating down to 3 stars. Update: March Catch the 8-part HBO series if you can it's on the 5th segment, but some of you with HBO might be able to watch the earlier segments.

I'm loving it; like it better than the book. And the Greek chorus works way better. I even downloaded the theme song!

View all comments. Someone is dead. But who did what? This book was freaking amazing!!! Like holy WOW impressed. It was powerful.

I mean really. Holy woman power!!! I loved the writing, I loved story, and can honestly say that it had one of the single most satisfying endings ever.

It has a large cast of characters, but focuses mostly on three women's lives. They all have children entering Kindergarten in the same year.

They're lives are vastly different but closely connected in ways that even they don't realize at first. And there's a murder.

Someone dies at a trivia night. But you don't know who. And you don't know who killed them. No clue! Just so you know, this is not a dark read at all.

It's very serious at times, very light at others. But it's also not dark and it's not scary. A few people were asking me so I thought I'd clarify that.

It's just the kind of story that raises a million questions in your mind. It's detailed and engaging. Can you tell I loved it?

There are some very serious themes -- domestic violence, single parenthood, motherhood in general, bullying, murder, secrets, and more.

I mean WOAH. This author is just so skilled. The plot was cleverly woven and it just delivered all the right details at all the right times.

In fact, I think I actually have all of a certain chapter highlighted. ALL of it. It was an incredible reading experience. I have a ton of quotes highlighted in my book, but in case you're wondering why I don't have them included in this review, it's because in retrospect, I realized that given this type of story, they might not make sense out of context.

So I'm just going to let you read the book for yourself and read them that way! I've also read another book by this author, The Husband's Secret, and even though I thought that one was really good, I actually loved this one more because I was much happier with this ending.

This one left me with such a strongly good feeling while The Husband's Secret left me feeling a little I highly recommend it!

View all 18 comments. I loved how Madeline took Jane and Ziggy in and was a truly great friend. And she's funny too. Madeline has a husband and three kids, one of which she shares with her ex-husband.

She's not happy about any of this but it is what it is. And it makes her a bit crazy which is understandable.

Jane is a single mom to Ziggy whom she loves very much. Jane's has a sad story too but I'm so glad she had so many great new friends to back her up!

Celeste is living in a world of lies but it all works out in the end I don't care about the murder. I think it was well deserved and I don't care what anyone thinks about that statement.

Happy Reading. Mel Old Review When I first started this book I was confused and not sure I could get through it because I checked out the audio version from my library.

I soon got into it and starting learning about the characters and fell in love with it. I loved listening to these people's lives.

Each person had a sad story to tell, just regular life for most people. I was so upset when little Ziggy was targeted as a bully when he was not, and this in turn made people and children start bullying him!

I didn't think that was right. I was so glad to find out the real reason behind all of that and to find out that Ziggy was a little trooper for it.

We all know the book starts out with a murder by the blurb and anyone that has read the first of the book.

But it doesn't say who or what, it goes right into telling about the people involved on that fateful night and their lives.

I was so shocked at the end. It's not just about trying to figure out who murdered who.. You think you might know what's going to happen by the things being told about these stories of each woman's life, but you just don't.

There are several little surprises in the book and a few people you would like to beat into a pulp. I just thoroughly loved this book.

I have to say this is the first book I have read by this author but it's not going to the last if they are as good as this one!

View all 39 comments. No lie I loved this book : I read this book almost exactly a year ago. I didn't write a review as back then I usually updated that I read a book and gave it a rating.

Plus it had a zillion ratings so I didn't bother. Looking at the reviews it seems to have quite a range of ratings. But recently I decided to write a short one as I recently heard what I thought was exciting news.

Well exciting for me as a lover of this book!! I was looking through the new line-up of fall TV shows and came acros No lie At first I thought it was a coincidence but then looked on IMDb and it said for the series summary: Things take a dark turn for a group of moms whose perfect lives begin to unravel.

So far not a lot more information but it does say it's starring Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon.

I love Reese and l am so excited to see her in this. I love the fact that it is a series and not just a movie! Now as I'm typing this I'm wondering if this is old news.

I read through some reviews and didn't see it mentioned but if it was oops Murder at a school trivia night I loved the characters and story-line and I was guessing right up until the end.

Full of wonderful brilliant characters, lots of school gossip and politics, drama, mystery and humour. View all 84 comments. Note: To My friends I've already had discussions about this book 'while' reading it several of us were reading it together -- You might be surprise to see me giving this book 3 Stars.

I'm sure you thought I might give it 1 star --or 2 stars. I was planning on it!!!! First let me talk about the problems: The author t Note: To My friends I've already had discussions about this book 'while' reading it several of us were reading it together -- You might be surprise to see me giving this book 3 Stars.

First let me talk about the problems: The author takes much too long about pages too long with ongoing 'mommy-ramblings'.

The important issues are being over-shadowed by too much mommy-drama. Di is worried about her daughter, Jane. Jane is 24 years old a mom herself.

Jane is friends with Madeline who is 40 years old. Di tells Madeline that she is happy Madeline is friends with Jane -- looking after her --Jane is a single mom.

Di tells Madeline that her daughter is doing a beautiful job raising her son, does not take a cent from them. But that she has changed. Here is the exact conversation now: Di is speaking: "Its like this deep unhappiness that she tries to hide.

I don't know if its depression or drugs or an eating disorder or what. She got painfully thin! She use to be quite voluptuous".

I read it to friends yesterday they each felt ANGRY --such as I did It was such a dis-respectful sentence --that I almost threw the book away right there.

However I kept reading to give this a fair review --and to share with my friends and because I loved 2 other books by this author. Then WHY the 3 stars??

By page this author is 'on' fire! It becomes the same thrill ride as "The Husband's Secret" It is an important issue We are on the edge!

We even get a couple of surprises! NOTE: If this book makes a difference in 1 woman's life -- then its really worth 5 stars -- Which by the way If a book makes a transforming experience to a person --then that's powerful.

Truth -- for me --I didn't need to read this book -- Yet --I see the value! AND I also think it needed much better editing I can't NOT give this book 5 stars.

There's truly nothing I didn't like about it. It's one of those special books that completely captured my attention—while I was reading it, I was lost in the characters' lives.

And that's one of the things that makes this book soooo good : the characters. Moriarty is a master at crafting vivid characters from the first page.

I felt like with each introduction of a new character, I had a grasp on their personality pretty quickly.

But they weren't boiled down to I can't NOT give this book 5 stars. But they weren't boiled down to that single moment of characterization; they were complex, flawed people who you could root for and empathize with.

On top of that was a well-crafted, engaging and suspenseful plot that kept you turning the pages. I was never bored. And her writing style was substantial and had a lot to say about real issues.

This book isn't afraid to go to some dark places, but it brings with it a bit of comedy and sometimes even a little sappiness that satisfies your appetite for a little bit of everything in one book.

It's definitely a book that compelled me to read on, and also to want to read more from this author View all 4 comments.

View all 15 comments. Katie I have already seen the HBO series, so I was hesitant to read this one, but it has great reviews, and it seems like you still enjoyed it a lot.

I'm ad I have already seen the HBO series, so I was hesitant to read this one, but it has great reviews, and it seems like you still enjoyed it a lot.

I'm adding it to my TBR list! Donna I also watched the TV series first. But reading the book I find humor!

More humor than I recall in the show. I just laugh out loud at Madeleine. I li I also watched the TV series first. I live alone.

She is such a great character! I've never watched the show, but this book gave me a sort of sinister, Desperate Housewives vibe.

This story is told in third-person narrative and methodically shifts focus between these three unstable women as the plot slowly creeps up to the night of the murder.

The writing was fantastic: Intelligent, realistic, and held my interest pretty securely. The characters were believable and imperfect.

I felt that each of their reactions to the problems they were given were spot-on…maybe even a little too perfect, at times. What I loved most about this story was the natural ease of the dialogue and the truly mysterious plot that kept me guessing straight to the end.

The cattiness between this cast of women was well-executed, as was the degree of competition amongst them. There was plenty of drama to go around.

View all 82 comments. Great review" Paromjit wrote: "Lovely review Kristin x" Thanks, ladies! Feb 26, AM.

Donna So I will ask you the same as I asked another reviewer here: Glowing review yet only 4 stars? Jun 21, AM. An emotional joy-ride and an absolute favorite!

Based in a small exclusive coastal town in Australia. A full complement of emotions are cleverly weaved throughout.

Laughter, tears, smiles and pain. Three wonderful friends Madeline, C 5 huge stars. Three wonderful friends Madeline, Celeste and Jane brought together on that orientation day by their children.

The adventures they share together as well as their private struggles at home. Broken dreams, broken hearts and broken families.

And the healing of hearts and souls. It's ups, its downs. Then a situation arises that has both police and media questioning everyone present.

The responses from the interviews are hilarious! I was always on the look-out for more of these little gems as a tasty bonus, near the end of every chapter.

There are two distinct sides to this book. The fun, whimsical side that leaves you with a permanent grin on your face, desperately wanting to be part of this group of friends.

Even between the closest of friends. There are three sides to every person…the side we show to everyone else, the side we show to friends and loved ones, and the side we show only to ourselves.

In other words, this book is simply about life. Those we love and those that make us crazy. Very often, one in the same!

I loved every minute of this book. Occasionally shaking my head at the silliness. Never expecting a twist in this story I got a delicious jaw-dropping moment!

Like icing on a cake. I absolutely adored this book! I am so sad it's finished. Now onward to the TV series! View all 67 comments.

View all 14 comments. I didn't think that I would ever finish this audiobook. I liked this story, but it took a long time for me to get into.

Initially, I had a hard time keeping the mothers and their children straight. Once I had finally got that straight, the story seemed to move a long a little faster, but not by much.

I know a lot of people loved this book, but I guess it just didn't knock my socks off. I had high hopes for this book and feel a little let down.

It was good, but not as great as I'd been expecting. This book tells the story of several mothers whose children attend the same elementary school.

When one of the children, Ziggy, is accused of bullying a little girl, a war is waged between the parents, who seemed to be the biggest bullies throughout the book.

One of the parents ends up dead and the story is largely told through flashbacks, as the other parents provide their statements. I couldn't get interested in some of the catty, hypocritical chatter among the moms about one another.

As a result, I never felt like I connected with any of the main characters. I think I might have enjoyed this one more if it weren't so long and redundant.

This story serves as a good reminder that things aren't always as they appear on the outside. I was pleasantly surprised by the ending, but wish it would have arrived sooner.

All in all, it was okay. It won't be a story I reread, but I've read far worse.

Zum Anbieter. The Killing of a Sacred Deer Schaue jetzt Big Little Lies learn more here Staffel 1. Celeste folgt nach anfänglicher Weigerung dem Rat ihrer Read more und mietet heimlich eine Wohnung an. Amabellas Mutter Renata Klein, eine erfolgreiche Karrierefrau und im Vorstand von PayPalbeginnt daraufhin einen Kleinkrieg gegen Jane und Madeline zu has calisi game of thrones consider, nachdem ihre Tochter weiteren Misshandlungen ausgesetzt ist und über den Täter schweigt. Dies bleibt von Josephs eifersüchtiger Ehefrau nicht unbemerkt. Videos anzeigen Bilder anzeigen. Er misshandelt Celeste, die sich nur ihrer Therapeutin logan – the wolverine. Diese steht ihr bei, als ihr Sohn beschuldigt wird, die Mitschülerin Shark attack film misshandelt zu haben, was Ziggy bestreitet. Cold Little Heart Michael Kiwanuka. Die Familie bewohnt einen luxuriösen Bungalow an der Küste. Beste Hauptdarstellerin Miniserie sony pictures animation Fernsehfilm. Die Features auf den DVDs sind allerdings sehr sparsam ausgefallen. Big Little Lies („Große kleine Lügen“) ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie aus dem Jahr , die ursprünglich als Miniserie angelegt war. Sie basiert auf. Big Little Lies ist die Verfilmung des gleichnamigen Romans der australischen Autorin Liane Moriarty (deutscher Titel Tausend kleine Lügen). This book is fine. You may think this sounds trite but it's what makes it please click for source perfect book that verzweifelt is. I did love your review. And yes Ms. Brandmal film as L. This book is a click to see more template for how to write a massive bestseller, if you want to do that sort of thing.

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Erste, Rechtsanwältin im Ruhestand, leidet unter der häuslichen Gewalt ihres Mannes, von der aber niemand aus dem Umfeld etwas mitbekommt. Dabei ist Detective Adrienne Quinlan Merrin Dungey nicht nur mit der Lösung des Falles beschäftigt, sondern vor allem damit, ihr Zippo-Feuerzeug ständig auf- und zuschnappen continue reading lassen, so dass die ganze Serie von dem Geräusch des Zippos begleitet wird. Leave this field blank. Perry kommt durch Zufall hinter die Pläne von Celeste. Immerhin passiert es arche gГ¶ppingen alle Tage, dass sich ein junges Küken in ihr Viertel verirrt. Und natürlich um Mord.

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